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Advection Diffusion Solve a general advection-dispersion equation. 
Chemical Mean AgeExtractorDetermine the mean age of chemical constituents with inputs of chemical dynamics. 
Document Tables Extractor (ncsa.nlp.wordtables)ExtractorExtract tables from documents. 
GDAL (ncsa.geo.shpExtractor)Extractor
GDAL (ncsa.geo.tiffExtractor)Extractor
GDAL (ncsa.image.geotiff)Extractor
Historical River Extractor ( the river networks from the ancient hand-drawing maps and compare them with current river networks
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (ncsa.arcgis.landsat7mosaic)Extractor
River Chi IndexExtractorIdentify the river dynamics in a river basin and evaluate human activities' influences through Chi index in the streams.
River SinuosityExtractorStudy the maturity and equilibrium conditions of a stream through the sinuosity index.  
Soil Moisture ChangeExtractorDetermine role of hydraulic redistribution in AZ (riparian site / upland site) by studying soil moisture change throughout different seasons. 
Species ClassifierExtractorSAM based Species Classification from Hyperspectral data, Hyperspectral Indices, NDVI, SAVI, MSAVI, etc. 

Debsunder Dutta ( leaving in July 2016

Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan

TerEx (ncsa.arcgis.floodplain)ExtractorIdentify the flat polygons and the heights inside a river valley.
Topographic DepressionsExtractorIdentify topographic depressions (TDs) and their distribution on landscape (Number, location, area, volume of TDs).
Tree DelineationConverterTree-wise voxelization of waveform data for lidar metrics that describes canopy structure (max intensity, height, etc...).  Individual tree delineation, tree leaf area density to describe vertical leaf distribution.
Valley Safety ZonesExtractorEstimate submerging areas and water depths under extreme floods and map the safety zones in a river valley.
Vegetation IndicesExtractorCalculating vegetation indices such as NDVI and Surface Temperature from Landsat 7 and 8 satellite data. 

Debsunder Dutta ( leaving in July 2016

Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan



netcdf (ncdump)ConverterConvert from binary netcdf to text.
PEcAn (PEcAn#Ameriflux)ConverterConvert Ameriflux data to PEcAn's netcdf CF format.
PEcAn (PEcAn#DALEC)ConverterConvert PEcAn's netcdf CF format to the format required by the DALEC model.
PEcAn (PEcAn#ED2)ConverterConvert PEcAn's netcdf CF format to the format required by the ED model.
PEcAn (PEcAn#LINKAGES)ConverterConvert PEcAn's netcdf CF format to the format required by the LINKAGES model.
PEcAn (PEcAn#Sipnet)ConverterConvert PEcAn's netcdf CF format to the format required by the Sipnet model.

PEcAn (PEcAn#AmerifluxBNL)
















PlantCV (terra.plantcv)ExtractorExtract plant height, area, and color distribution from photographs. Liu
Civil & Environmental Engineering


Body of Water Detector (ncsa.image.ponddetect)

ExtractorLand coverage, extract locations of bodies of water from satellite data.
GI IdentificationExtractor  
Human Preference Score (ncsa.image.humanpref)ExtractorAssign a model derived human preference score to a given image of an urban environment.

Route Greenness (ncsa.xml.greenindexroute)

ExtractorDerive the green index of a city route.
Social Media GI PreferencesExtractor  
Stanford CoreNLP - Sentiment (ncsa.nlp.SNLPSentiment)ExtractorAssign a sentiment score to a piece of text.
TUV TriaxusExtractor  
Social Science & Humanities

Bertillon Card Cell Extractor (ncsa.image.dmp)ExtractorExtract table cells from a Bertillon Card.
Census Form Cell Extractor (census-section-segmentor) ExtractorExtract table cells from a 1930s Census form.
Handwritten Decimals Extractor (ncsa.image.sphog.debod)ExtractorExtract handwritten decimal values from an image.
Killed Photos (ncsa.image.iarp_remove_circle)ExtractorIdentify depression era photos "killed" by Farm Security Administration director Roy Stryker, indicated by a hole punch in the image. Slavenas
Mean Grey ( grey values of black and white photos. Slavenas
Movie Slice (ncsa.movieslice)Extractor
Person Detector (person-detector)ExtractorExtract locations of people in an image.
Person Tracker (ncsa.person-tracker)ExtractorExtract locations and paths of people moving in videos.
Video Analytics Toolbox (ncsa.cinemetrics_batch)ExtractorExtract shot descriptors from videos.
Biology, Genomics, MedicineFSL (mri2mesh)Extractor Slavenas
Glomeruli (ncsa.msc.diagnosis)ExtractorExtract glomeruli from Kidney biopsy images.




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Calibre (ebook-converter)ConverterConvert e-books to a number of document formats. 

CMU Sphinx (

ExtractorAudio recognition to extract text for speech within audio.
Daffodil (daffodil)ConverterConvert formats with a provided DFDL schema to XML. McHenry
DBPedia (ncsa.dbpedia)ExtractorFind and define named entities within the given text.
FFmpeg (ffmpeg)ConverterConvert between a large number of video formats.
FLAC (flac)ConverterConvert to and from the FLAC format from other audio formats.
Ghostscript (ghostscript)ConverterConvert between document formats.
htmldoc (htmldoc)ConverterConvert HTML to a number of document formats. McHenry
ImageMagick (ImageMagick)ConverterConvert between a large number of image formats. McHenry
ImageMagick (ncsa.image.metadata)ExtractorPull available EXIF image metadata from a given image.
Kabeja (kabeja)ConverterConvert between a handful of 3D and image formats. 

OpenCV - Faces (

ExtractorFind faces in an image and return their locations. McHenry

OpenCV - Eyes (

ExtractorFind eyes in an image and return their locations. McHenry

OpenCV - Closeups (

ExtractorDetermine whether an image is a closeup of a person or not. McHenry

OpenCV - Profiles (

ExtractorFind human face profiles in an image and return their locations. McHenry
Langid (ncsa.nlp.simplelanguage)ExtractorIdentify the language of the given text.
LibreOffice (unoconv)ConverterConvert to and from a variety of document formats. Zhang
NLTK - Summary (ncsa.nlp.simplesummary)ExtractorSummarize a body of text.
Siegfried (siegfried)ExtractorExtract information about a given file relevant to identifying its type and validating its format.
Stanford CoreNLP (ncsa.nlp.SNLP)ExtractorNatural Language Process extractions such as parts of speech, named entities, langauge, etc. 
Tesseract (ncsa.image.ocr)ExtractorObject Character Recognition (OCR) to extract text from images containing text. McHenry
Tika (ncsa.nlp.tika)ExtractorDocument extractions such as language identification, ...
txt2html (txt2html)ConverterConvert text documents to HTML. McHenry
Versus - Color Distribution (ncsa.versus.image)ExtractorGenerate a distribution of color values within an image to be used for comparing how similar two images are.

VLFeat (ncsa.image.caltech101)

ExtractorClassify images as to whether they contain objects from the Caltech101 dataset (e.g. people, airplanes, motorcycles, cougars, ...). McHenry
Zip (zip)ConverterUnzip zip archives. (Under development, Being Refactored)

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