Discussion items:

Clowder All Paws Virtual Conference June 21 to June 24 - Discussion

Clowder EOH Video - Deadline is 2/28/21

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) - deadline is TODAY

Storing Data on Clowder in perpetuity (pushed to next week, due Luigi absent)

DataCite Update (DOI minting)

Mike L.
  • Found bug in pyclowder with Python 3.9 Docker base image
    • Apparently Thread.isAlive() has changed to Thread.is_alive()
  • Documenting the archival features: Archiving Files
  • PyCharm is a good resource tool to show deprecated functions
Toddnothing to report

upgrade tagging extractor to use pyclowder 2.3.4.

upgraded python - and did simple test and it worked

PR is in place

Mark Fabsent
Mike B.

will be doing more planning for next quarter and then can provide more updates

EarthCube Review to show clowder off as well

GSoC has been submitted for the summer of 2021. We will find out results in March.
New release for Clowder at the end of February.
Pull request to expose user info as headers when using /api/me  (for use when using auth_request in nginx)
Michael J

working on extractors

finished OCR extractor and moved to pyclowder 2.34/python 3

Sandeepif help is needed for mentors for GSOC - he is interested

still need to update the agenda per recommendation from steering committee for All Paws Virtual Annual Conference

EOH PPT done for SD - need to make video with voice over.  Shannon shared the SD video of EOH.

LisaSend out Save the Date for All Paws Virtual Annual Conference

Action Items/To Dos: