Discussion items:

Clowder 2.0 - we have a few 2.0 branches and tried update the libraries. There is discrepancies between the libraries.  Tried to upgrade the secure social stuff. This is a big codebase. Took the seed project and put it in silhouette. What library are we going to use for Mongo access?  Mongo has a bunch of different drivers.  It looks like they have combined the Java and Scala drivers.  Reactive Scala Mongo has its benefits, but the original Mongo is the official one with streams.  Discussion followed as to benefits of scala and java within Mongo

Was able to get the silhouette working with MongoDB.  How much of our code can we move over? The logic in the controllers should be able to be copied and paste.  This also gives us a chance to clean things up. 

I'd like to create a code and have everyone review it.  This will take some time, but is the best approach to move things cleanly.

Rob asks that if we have to re-write the code, should we use scala.  We could make frontend in Scala and backend in React.  More technical discussion ensued.

We have talked about doing a re-write for several years and it needs to be done now in order to move from Mongo 2.0 to Mongo 4.0

June is the CDDR deadline - perhaps we can get money for this re-write for six months.

CSSI project will be gaining people to work on this.

The RM is out of the box

Mike Lambert states that he likes that the DAO syntax closely matches a real mongo query.. Salat/Casbah seem a bit disconnected from the real syntax

Clowder Agenda - discussion about who will do what when and where.

Luigi edited the agenda

We would like to pre-record most of the talks

Michael Johnson will do Extractors

Who will do Previewers

Sandeep will do AI support for Clowder with different projects using this

All slides should be done together as a group rather than one presenter each.

Shannon volunteered to put the slides together to make it flow

Luigi suggested Ingestion Pipelines and workflows be moved into extractor talk

Ask attendees what they would like to see in 2.0

Breakout rooms with requests for these topics announced on day 1 and day 2

2.0 is going to be as close to 1.0 as possible with changes in libraries

Add Clowder Catalog session?

Two ways to do extractors!  Michael do one session and Todd Nicholson to another.

Dashboards can be in overview or in hands on.

Need someone to lead the hands on session.

Initial agenda we just need topics without names.  This can go out with the first registration email.


Mike L.



Mark F
Mike B.

Dealing with multiple versions of datasets in our crawl; Will be doing more recommender work & on transitioning to NoteBooks


Michael J


Need suggestions for High Impact/really attention drawing Project Flyers that can be included in the swag bag

LisaClowder agenda needs to be finalized and registration needs to go out.

Action Items/To Dos: