CDDR proposal for Mongo 2.0 to Mongo 4.0

All Paws starting at 9:00 am.

  • Clowder All Paws Web Page Created
  • Registration Open/Email Sent
  • Moved Gateway presentation to earlier time
  • Special Email sent to Steering Committee re: Project Talks

Upgrades to 18.04

1.17 Released

Discussion items:


Firming up who will do what at the All Paws Conference.  Pre-Recorded options are preferred.  Some sessions will be interactive and therefore cannot be recorded ahead of time. Rob will use Katacoda for interactive sessions.

We should highlight some of the functions that are new in 1.17

In depth discussion about S3 buckets.  Max will take a look at this with Rob.

Issues with Clowder Jekyll pages in github.  Github should build the webpage and it wasn't.

Changes in new release:

Take a look at the PR's. Some are just formatting issues.

Maxon  5/14/21 Clowder Meeting, Max can demonstrate how to make a pre-recorded presentation for the All Paws Conference
Mike L.

This week I've been primarily focused on presentations for another project, so no new updates from me. 

Hotfix submitted for issue with RabbitMQ submission.  Has a max # of channels to be open at once; so please close channels when you are done using them - RabbitMQMessageService.submit() now automatically closes the temp channel.


nothing to add


nothing to add

Mark Fabsent
Mike B.

nothing to add


Requests  using online Katacoda for interactive sessions for All Paws.  Showed an example to the team. We are not using workbench, it's best to use Katacoda because of credentials

If external partners want help, they need to submit a ticket.  Keep track of bugs and advertise what's been fixed.  This should be mentioned at the All Paws under "contributions"

Michael J



Registration is now open! Please forward the announcement which went out yesterday to your colleagues or feel free to retweet our Twitter account. We will continue to promote the event through June and are grateful for your support in getting the word out.

As a summary of activities to date:

  • All swag has been ordered and most has arrived
  • This will be assembled into boxes which will be sent to the first 150 people who registered
  • Save the Date and Registration Open announcements have been sent out
    • These announcements will go out 3 more times before the conference
  • An initial agenda is in place on our conference website:
  • Registration opened yesterday 05/06 - 14 people have already signed up
    • 3 projects have indicated they are interested in speaking
  • As part of registration we have put out a call for Project Talks from the Clowder community
  • The organizing committee met with the featured Focus Speaker on Outreach and Engagement, who is tailoring their presentation to Clowder

These are the highlights of items that will be worked on next:

  • Arranging individual speakers
  • Planning for pre-recorded speakers as needed
  • Shannon has covered my updates (smile)
  • plus - developing an event workplan for All Paws/SW events
  • Swag has shipped.  Will send out swag gifts at the end of May. Advertising as many places as I can think of.

Action Items/To Dos: