• Annual Report Submitted
  • Radiant Tiers Meeting
  • Steering Committee Meeting

Discussion items:

  • Discussion of Clowder Tiers with pricing.  This should include shared Controlled Plane. Shared spaces would be less expensive - clients sit in our kubernetes cluster which would limit their access to the behind the scenes.
  • Explanation of tiers needs to be clear and straight forward.  Storage is an issue and we need to inform users when they are close to the free 5GB limit.  With shared space, we need to be sure that if someone pays for extra storage space it's not used by someone else in the shared space. This can be monitored by userID.
  • Personnel would be available in paid tiers.
  • Kathryn Naum suggests we have a separate meeting to discuss what to present to the business office and how to amortize the fees.
  • Line item budget needs to be designed with help from the business office.
  • Maxwell Burnette discusses a partial re-write before 2.0.  Chen Wang has been working on the frontend, but even this may need to be split. Let's discuss next week.
  • Todd Nicholson states a re-write is not a copy/paste, but if we pick something smaller we can see the time needed to do this. (using Play and Scala). Angular front end??? API should stay the same.
  • Rob Kooper  puts a stub in front of clowder with a swagger API, slowly implement the functions.  Python has really good support with Mongo DB.
  • Further discussion followed as the best approach before launching 2.0 - perhaps a re-write may be the best option.
  • Space access vs. Dataset access - add this to the Tier system.

  • For Clowder 2.0, we talked about generating simple usage reports of instances to figure out which features people are using - how many instances are using comments, etc.
  • Have started merging after reviewing.
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Mike B.

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Working with Luigi and others on Clowder service model:

  • Luigi and Rob need to discuss how this is set up - documented Qs for biz office in the doc above

Nothing to Add

Action Items/To Dos:

  •  Elizabeth Yanello set up meeting to discuss tiers prior to meeting with the business office