Clowder 2.0 Breakdown of prioritization

Service Model Update

Discussion items:

  • Luigi suggests we merge all of these changes into dev and test it there for a while before going live.
  • Luigi shared his screen on code using fastAPI, added Pytests and cleaned it up. Working on cleaning up more code. Trying to test locally with PyCharm before putting it in github.
  • The database client is passed into the function using fast API.  This makes it easier to run tests against it.
  • Clowder 2.0 Plan
Mike L.

PR for S3 for a hot fix, but broke an underlying dependencies.  Was not using elastic search, which caused a fail.  Hot fix has been added. 1.19.1 has now been released with the bug fix.  It was found on the dev server, so it caused no real harm.

ToddWorking on file uploads for Clowder.20
Bingnothing to ad
Mike B.nothing to add
RobNew fix for TERRA-REF.  Todd submitted a PR. Changed the fix-count javascript to update Mongo.  You can run this before upgrading clowder to result with almost no downtime.
Michael Jabsent
KastanMade his first PR. Rob took the pull request to get it ready for the next release

Working on newsletter. Suggested we include an article on the new IBM collaboration.

Offered to help with Clowder Tiers.  Feel free to start a new slack thread with the business office, Luigi and Katie.

LisaCongratulations on the IBM collaboration

Action Items/To Dos:

  •  Workbench Webinar in 2022 ending CDDR?