• what is live like without Luigi 


  • Go around room and give updates
  • 2.0 related
    • backend
    • frontend
  • push to
    • image pattern could be clowder/clowder-fastapi and clowder/clowder-react
  • Versioning design
    • Looking at what Box is doing
    • Need backend endpoints for 
      • have a field in the file object that indicates the version
      • list all available versions for a file with the same fileId(?) - Q: how does minio works?
      • version is on the minio, but we might need to pull that information and store in mongodb
      • Research on how Box handle version : actions about delete a middle version (auto incrementing happens or not)? How do we show version number? Document my find!
      • new metadata; and new previewer coming with new version
        • divide metadata content to be version dependent vs version dependent
      • what is our base piece: are we keeping spaces as dataset or are we moving to : are we adopting gitlab group pattern
    • Continue the discussion the next week
    • Make sure that everyone is clear that this is still an Alpha version and the data here is not guaranteed to be compatible with the next version!
  • Rob and Chen working looking at deploying clowder on nightingale

Convert the above into a github issue/wiki ^^^

Mike L.
  • Reviewing Chen's 2 PRs
  • Need to make a PR for Docker + compose changes/additions for react
  • Need to make a PR for OpenAPI generation in react
  • Need to start notes/discussion about the above two concepts and share them
ToddPull request open in 2.0 - adding files to dataset, delete file, delete dataset and all files inside
Mike B.


Robno clowder updates
Michael Jabsent
  • Resolve RabbitMQ connection issue.
  • Meet with IN-CORE and PDG scientists.
  • Investigate current PDG ML pipeline.
  • Docker and RabbitMQ networking learning (in progress)
  • Typescript PR merged and tagged with 0.0.2 tag; V1 branch off this
  • Split routes into /dashboard, /files and /datasets
  • Add github action
  • fixed a little bit on eslint; have additional issue to address that

Action Items/To Dos:

  •  Workbench Webinar in 2022 ending CDDR?

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