• what is life like without Luigi 


  • Go around room and give updates
  • Chen discussed the endpoint that she wants.  Will work with Max on design and develop some text for what she wants on endpoints.
  • Mike Lambert discussed swagger spec in YAML.  We missed some parameters in V1, but this should not be an issue in V2. When fastAPI is running, it will generate a swagger and we won't have to do it manually.  There are some issues that we need to work out still.
  • Excluding generated clients.  Once this is merged into V2, we want to get clients generated automatically for each endpoint.
  • Problems with generated data names now.  Get dataset by ID should match.  Let's play around with this. 
  • Can we get a VM for Nightingale for MongoDB?
  • Please post comments on the PR.
  • Chen discussed her updates with Clowder history, including Box.  Even though files are deleted, they can still be accessed.  We do want folks to also be able to permanently delete as well.
  • You can view V1, V2, V3 side by side.
  • Discussion about adding restore delete and purge buttons.  Will there be a trash can or just a delete with a confirmation modal. Let's put this on the back burner for now while we are developing V2?
  • Rob noted that V2 may hold information that we actually wanted to be deleted.
  • Mike L. notes  V1 has the V1.DatasetsService.getDatasets2 signature… V2 does have a similar issue but the generated names are slightly more meaningful (although redundant): e.g. V2.ServiceService.getDatasetDatasetsDatasetIdGet

    Iirc, I believe that’s how CKAN works as well.. stuff is never truly “deleted”, just archived and hidden from view

    MIke L., Todd, Chen and Max will discuss V2 next week during team meeting.

  • Max feels we are on track to complete all tasks set to be done by December.
  • 2.0 related
    • backend
    • frontend

Convert the above into a github issue/wiki ^^^

Maxno updates
Mike L.

PRs merged:

  • Docker + Docker compose for React UI
  • Fixed ESLint in dev server + IDE

PRs in review:

Toddhave pull request open, waiting for review. Max will review.
Mike B.

nothing to add

RobNightingale - can they run Clowder?  This is an HPC system and they don't want to run docker.  Clowder can run singularity on HPC.
  • Resolve RabbitMQ connection issue.
  • Meet with IN-CORE and PDG scientists.
  • Investigate current PDG ML pipeline.
  • Docker and RabbitMQ networking learning (in progress)
  • versioning design
  • review PRs and clean up the repo (docker/eslint PR merged)
  • temporarily close on Auth PR; working on convert to typescript and using hooks

Action Items/To Dos:

  •  Workbench Webinar in 2022 ending CDDR?

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