Daffodil is available as two Apache NiFi processors called DaffodilParse and DaffodilUnparse. The source for the processors is available from the NCSA opensource Git repository:

git clone https://opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu/bitbucket/scm/dfdl/daffodil-nifi.git

View the README for build and installation instructions. Detailed documentation about the processor parameters and usage is available from within NiFi by selection the processor "Usage" option.


Daffodil PCAP NiFi Template is available as an example of the DaffodilParse and DaffodilUnparse NiFi processors. This template expects both the PCAP git repo and the pcap-filter.xsl to be in the /home/dfdl/ directory. This template reads the dns.cap file in the pcap repository, parses it to XML using Daffodil, filters the XML to remove all packets that contain a specified IP address, unparses the filtered XML back to a pcap file, and outputs the result to /tmp/nifi/results.

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