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  1. Also you'll want to turn off HTML Validation for eclipse under Window->Preferences->Validation. There's tons of validation errors in some of the libsrc materials, and they're just annoying.

  2. I just did a fresh Eclipse install for Daffodil development on windows.

    I got some very wierd error messages until I changed it from using Java-7 compilation to Java-6 compilation.

    This is under Window->Preferences->Java->Compiler->Compiler Compliance Level should be 1.6, not 1.7. This then requires a clean and build to clear out any java 1.7-binary code.


  3. After struggling with SBT for the past day I've found it better not to give Java a hint as to how much memory SBT will actually need.  It fails on a 32-bit machine to allow when set to 6GB.  So I recommend removing the -Xmx6000m option from the call to Java.