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Problem statement

Provide analytical application for the analysis of yield response with respect to nitrogen and seed rate.

Impact of this problem

Provide ability for researchers to perform field trial analytics at a large scale.

How do we judge success?

Performant API for developer access

Intuitive UI for farmers and consultants

What are possible solutions?

Object store for unstructured or domain specific file formats. Document database for metadata and schema information for datasets. PostGIS database for geometric and structured datasets.


What do we already know?

What do we need to answer?

The effects of nitrogen and seed on yield can be seen at a sub-field level and can be modeled with respect to soil type, elevation and precipitation.

Can we visualize the response on data across multiple regions and seasons?

Can we create an optimization protocol for field applications?

Can we generate optimal planting/fertilization/harvesting routes across a field?

To be determined: Can the changes in yield be seen at this granularity? Will farmers actually adhere to prescribe applications?

Ready to make it

What are we doing?

Authenticated application for access, and exploration of available trial data.

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Visualize the solution


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