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Data required for executing BMI-enabled web service Topoflow components:
Time series data:
  • precipitation (mm/hr) in plain text
  • air temperature (deg_C) in plain text
  • relative humidity (dimensionless) in plain text
  • NOTE: 
    - all the above time series information are available in IMLCZO data set through the geostream endpoint;
    - RAS can be used to align the IMLCZO data to the data required by the Topoflow.
  • sample data: precipitation – June_20_67_rain_rates.txt 
Spatial data:
  • elevation file in GeoTIFF format
  • flow direction file in GeoTIFF format
  • slope file in GeoTIFF format
  • aspect file in GeoTIFF format
  • NOTE:
    - the spatial data can be stored in Clowder and annotated by SAS;
    - KDS could be used for searching the data in Clowder when it's ready;
    - RAS can be used to align the annotated data in Clowder to the data required by the Topoflow.
  • sample data: DEM in Owl – Owl_DEM.tif
Scalar data:
  • all the remaining variables required in the configuration files (e.g., water density, land surface albedo)
  • users are required to provide there information





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