A web-based farm program analysis tool to assist farmers, academics, and policymakers to understand programs and policies surrounding the Farm Bill.

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The work plan/milestones for development to provide a better understanding of the entire project will be inserted here.

About this project

This project will:

  1. Deliver a policy analysis tool that generates program payment estimate outputs at various geographical levels. 
  2. Create a web-based dashboard for payment estimate outputs determined by data input and model (developed at #1 above) simulations, including simulations based on user-directed changes to Federal program parameters.
  3. Include a dashboard that visualizes options such as mapping payments at county, regional (including Congressional district), state and national levels.

The team

Chris Navarro

Principal Investigator

Christopher Navarro

Jong Sung Lee


Jong Lee

Michal Ondrejcek

Research Developer

Michal Ondrejcek

Vara Veera Gowtham

Research Developer

Gowtham Naraharisetty

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