Yong Wook Kim

Bethany Blakely  

Rob Kooper 

Minu Mathew 

Taylor Pederson 


  1. Check sorghum post pyflux pro
  2. Run maize basalt whole year
  3. In L2.txt, is the plot  section required or mandatory?
    1. Not mandatory. L2 will run with or without Plots
  4. In L2.txt, for RangeCheck - in some files the number of lower range items and upper range items does not match. Is this ok?
    1. There will be either 1 or 12 (one for each month)comma separated items. Nothing in between. 
    2. If there is 1 item, that is repeated for every month (so it repeats the one item to all months).
  5. L2.txt RangeCheck - there should be upper and lower? 
    1. Both lower and upper are mandatory
  6. Additional data for other sites.
    1. Taylor or Bethany will send the data.

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