Common functionality:

  • Tiles 

Things that need to change: 

Things that are already customized by page (using properties):

  • Sensors displayed

Functionality/InputSearchExploreExploratory AnalysisSuggestionsDecision
SensorsFiltered SensorsAll SensorsAll Sensors and Filtered Sensors
Currently handled through properties
Drawing shapesBased on the draw filter location optionNeverBased on a radio button

Draw shapes functionality could be in a different component specifically for drawing shapes and it extends the map.

It will contain the html for the buttons and all the event listeners for draw functionality.

It will need to take as input the functions that are currently used for search vs explore like updating the global state and the rules for enabling/disabling.

  • Abstract some of the functions - Draw Circle, Draw Square, ...
  • Register the listener when necessary
  • Move the Draw code to it's own class.
  • Rename to window.openlaeyrs
  • Draw start and draw end functions seem the same, pass along with options (or as options) and use then .on('drawstart', options.drawStartFunction)
Shapes feature / Clustering

Cluster shapes.

Style to match v2 if single feature

Never - Check what happens when two different sources on the same location track the same parameter.

A style function to be sent in from the 'parent' maps to the Map.

Clustering functionality could also be a different component/extension for the Map. And enabled through properties.

It will take the styling function as input.

It will define the generatePointsCircle and displayOverlappingMarkers


On Click feature / popup contentsSimilar contentsNeeds to reflect the trend on button click

To have a component with the html contents of the popup.

The component could have a way of being extended with additional details (the different parts between search and exploratory analysis)

The component is sent as a property to the Map.

  • Split it in different components and it will have its own component
  • Does it make sense for it to be a React component.
  • Might be a component, it's state is the selected sensor.
  • Note right now this is an utilitiy not on Map.jsx
External Listeners
On click on a feature in the left, the popup needs to show up.
An extension/event listener defined within ExploreMap Component.
  • Leave on the Generic map.
Feature Attributes10 attributes10 attributes10 + 4 attributesSome way of extending/appending the extra parameters not considered common or necessary (for trends)
  • Split up define on the parent.
Additional Layers
  • Shapes for each lake or basin

Defined Regions
  • Its own component that takes the layers that you want to draw as input/properties.
Shape for the icons/featuresSVG's with colors per source

SVG's with colors per source

gray circles

Change to triangles on update

Send a style function as input within the properties.
  • Passed in from the individual files

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