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Meeting Agenda:

  • Review Project
  • Outline Initial Project Tasks


What is Big Data Hub? Interoperability of systems and sharing of data between Iowa system and GLTG

Director Larry - IIHR

GLTG  collect data and share to UMIS system

Consider it an extension of GLTG

Two aspects:

  • Data sharing thru API - Geostreaming API v3 - not in clowder
    • So far they just want to use API
    • They will harvest data from us
  • We propose we want to have python - jupyter notebook example of how to use API

Jong will connect Marcus to Team at University of Iowa

Marcus to do Immediately: list of data sources (send to Ibrahim and Jerry Mount)

Is there an end point to request? May need to create

Format: Excel or csv


Choose which columns to export

Send all data points for all sensors

Decide on Column Titles:

IDDSStart DateEnd DateParameter(s)

*Send Jong list of column tomorrow*

Next Marcus Task:  We need proper documentation for API - URGENT - Deadline February 28

Use Open API spec - swagger

Open API Editor

Turns into JSON or yml file

Start with simple one first

  • Geostreaming API documentation in OpenAPI Spec

Include Example returns / create a specification

Gowtham has used - openapi swagger

In-core Example - Link? Jong Lee

Share API with University of Iowa

If they start harvesting - and they harvest our datapoints from start to end they may choke our server

Put a limit on number of data points downloaded - API level - error only allow certain # points

Include in guideline and talk to them - do in chunks (human approach)

Current Documentation:

Jong Lee - will make a new page to consolidate / re-organize

Phase 2: API Improvements after that based on their requests

Tied to Py-Geotemporal improvements

Risk Factors:

If they cannot use or do not approve our API:

Contingency is dump of database

Task - Jupyter Notebook on how to use API


  • Use py_geotemporal library to access
  • Pandas or numpy
  • Use in their analaysis framework
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