GOAL: Deploying Summary Dashboard with Story boards for Arkansas

Boundaries: HUC8 and Drainage area

Some example maps shared by AR: at Box: https://uofi.box.com/s/k0dd1ik0y0upvk5erapdqnpxmzhmrz07

<to be finished>

gd-arkansas will start w/ data where available (HUC8) and Illinois or dummy data otherwise.

Import go-geostreaming components for summary dashboard (map, sidebar, potentially storyboard?)

use config.jsx to load geojson (as PBF) and json data 

Conversion tool from Geojson to Geobuf (PBF)

Possible format for JSON data: MessagePack

As part of this,

  • gd-core will go into geostreams as part of the backend app
  • gd-geostreaming will become toolbox with current geodashboard/gd-geostreaming components and new components for summary dashboard if feasible
  • gltg, other projects will become standalone repos that depend on gd-core and gd-geostreaming

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