Connecting to Geostreams API

Since the geostreams datapoint endpoints are secured and there is no proper way of getting authenticated through AQConnect, we might need to get a authentication token externally and input it into the Aquarius Connect app. If the AQConnect utility gives a Forbidden error when running, update the auth-token.

  1. Refer to the Authenticate section of Using the Geostreams API to get a token. (Use gltg-dev endpoint instead of greatlakestogulf)
  2. Open AQConnect and navigate to Inbound Connection Drivers > HTTP File Inbound Connection Driver > geostreamsv3-dev > Advanced Connection Settings.
  3. Update the Header Field Value for x-auth-token and save it. It should connect with Geostreams now.

Using Text and JSON Extractor

The text and JSON extractor do not work out of the box with geostreams api and require pre-processing before the extractor can work on them. The preprocessing scripts are placed at `C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\gltg-aquarius\` in the aquarius machine.

The geostreamsv3-dev connection profile has been configured to run the text extraction preprocessing script.

In order to run the json extractor pre-processing script, give the script -j argument instead of -t argument.

Export to Aquarius Time Series

The export profiles have been configured in AQConnect. For an example, look under the GREON-07 configuration. If there are no errors and the data is not visible in Aquarius Time-series, make sure the Aquarius Time-Series server is running properly and reset the state of the Location and Export under the Data Set Rules.

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