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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo  
Dave Mattson
  • Brown Dog Workshop compilation video
  • Finish evaluations
  • Develop response to MWRD proposal
  • 18 month review logistics: hotel, networking people
Edgar F. Black
  • Early today (Monday) the first xml transformation of msc spreadsheet files was performed with success
    • the goal for this week is to optimize the process and determine the next step to follow.
  • Develop and/or propose ideas for the MSC project
  • The first xml transformation of msc csv files performed with success.
  • Review of Chicago excel worksheets was started.
    •  Some feedback form Chicago researchers was provided by Amelia.
  • new P01 monitor received.
    • the new monitor was uploaded to mscP01 server.
    •  updated analysis for one subject (H12C29) was produced and sent to the Miami team.
Liana Diesendruck  
Mario Felarca  
Rob Kooper
  • Update PEcAn to use BrownDog
  • Get quotes to RobP for openstack
  • Migrate DES wiki to opensource
  • PEcAn now using browndog, deployed on
  • Dell quotes are at Doug, no final quote yet
  • Initial translation of DES wiki made and on test system
  • Fixed all certs on machines to have SHA2
  • Added audio/video/image/pdf preview generators to dts/dts-dev
  • Moved opencv extractors from pymedici to dedicated extractor repositories
  • Deployed updated opencv extractors to dts and dts-dev
  • Documented how to install extractors
Jong Lee  
Rui Liu
  • BD elasticity deployment: update OpenCV VM image.
  • Earthcube: work on semantic tagging service
  • BD elasticity deployment:
    • Created from scratch a Ubuntu Trusty-based OpenCV VM image, used it for dap-dev. Used Ubuntu packages for numpy and libopencv, saved much time in creating the image (smile).
    • Tested fixes in Polyglot Softwareserver, updated the VM, VM image and the elasticity configuration file to use it.
  • Earthcube: implemented querying all properties of a subject (a CSDMS standard name for now), merged changes in a branch to another to keep developing while waiting for merging of the pull request.
Luigi Marini  
Kenton McHenry
  • BD Use Cases Report
  • Misc. BD development tasks
  • Finished BD command line interface
  • Finished Versus example
  • Created new demo videos for the above features
  • Started work on locking down the two instances.
Christopher Navarro
  • Publish DataWolf workflow for Praveen's use case to DataWolf on DTS, determine next steps for demo
  • Finish Ergo issue from last week with some analyses not creating result type correctly
  • Continue working on Ergo issues until NIST task is fleshed out
  • CyberSEES - determine next steps with Flowtable editor in bigger picture of the GI Venture
  • MSR - NFIE meeting suggested using DataWolf for WRF-Hydro model, start looking at WRF-Hyrdo
  • Continued working on task from last week with some Ergo analyses not creating results correctly, this is nearly finished
  • Published fixed network datasets for Ergo Interdependent Network Analysis
  • Out sick wed/thurs
Michal Ondrejcek
  1. continue with NEXRAD workflow in DataWolf, MWRD-111 and MWRD-112
  2. bug fixes, mainly table columns mismatch (MWRD-146, MWRD-147, MWRD-148)
  3. start implementing Implement error checking for 3 weather workflows, MWRD-113
  1. progress, added temperature workflow.
  2. yes, done to all. I went back to the old table definition with a Forecast column. I am not sure that we will be supporting it though. Discuss with MWRD.
  3. started, problem with definition of errors in three program workflow.
  4. closed MWRD-87 - parsed extra data points from the original Excel files, and MWRD-141 - bug fix
Smruti Padhy
  • BD use case development and setup
  • DTS Extension UI
  • Windows VM set up: installed ArcGIS, Terex
  • Made the script provided by Qina to work
  • Extract single stream line from the clipped streamline flow
  • Figured that the input dataset DEM was not correct, discussed with Qina and uploaded the new dataset
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • Test and fix extractor crashing issue in Gordon
  • Continue with development tasks on person tracking previewer
  • Follow up with XSEDE admins and complete fixing video display issue in Gordon
  • VAT or Groupscope paper for XSEDE?
  • Developed a prototype of person tracking previewer using JQuery Flot library in JS Fiddle
  • Debugged and Found some issues with updates in Godron. Have informed the admins to look into.
  • Initial discussions to submit a VAT paper for XSEDE'15 have started
Eugene Roeder
  • Develop JSON-LD API Test Cases (4 routes)
  • Develop Spaces API Test Cases (5 routes)
  • Start documenting test route/end point test coverage
  • JSON-LD API test suite written
    • Seeing build issues on JSON-LD sprint 1 branch
  • Spaces API test suite written
    • Seeing build issues on JSON-LD sprint 1 branch
  • Started documenting test coverage (excel spreadsheet)
Inna Zharnitsky
  • Finish DownloadAs functionality for Chrome extension
  • Continue with Json-LD code for files, datasets, collections.
  • DownloadAs for chrome - finished
  • Json-LD for files - done
Marcus Slavenas
  • Parse noaa and storet data to seagrant
  • implement route and human preference extractors to VM
  • Continue to improve presentation for Green Infrastucture use case
  • seagrant
    • edit wq_portal extractor
    • monthly averaging of noaa api data
    • create extractor for noaa text data
  • BD
    • implement route/green index and human preference extractor on VM (install opencv is so fun)
    • begin processing video images and corresponding text for GI use case
    • start running ankits feature detection matlab code
Jason Votava
  • Many 1-1s to catch up on after last week
  • Review allocations
  • Follow up with heavily loaded BD people
  • Possible daily reporting as needed. Two weeks left!
  • Coordinating for GI use case demo
  • Investigation into new MWRD work/proposal
  • Meeting back-log defeated
  • Final push reporting to be delivered this afternoon