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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo  
Dave Mattson
  • BD Review slides/presentation
  • BD WBS revisions
  • BD Financial status (for slides and quarterly report)
  • BD review presentation laptop
  • BD PM slides
  • BD WBS revisions for quarter report
  • BD financial status
  • BD Education courses inventoried
Edgar F. Black
  • Continue working on MSC spreadsheets from Chicago
    • Review of frequent pattern as well as classification mining techniques
      since these techniques seems to be relevant for this project
  • This week, we are expecting a new P01 monitor.
    •  Upload new mscP01 monitor and verify the mscp01 is working correctly.
    • Perform HMM analysis on subjects having new data
  • Phone meeting with Amalia provides new possibilities for analyzing Chicago data.

  • New HMM analyses were requested and performed for the msc team in Miami.
    • The Miami team is proposing writing a couple of papers, one of which is related directly to the HMM.

  • New mscP01 monitor uploaded into msc web application.
    • Medici had to be restarted in order for it to pick up the new data
Liana Diesendruck
  • Slides about pymedici
  • Part of BD report
  • Handwritten number extractor - trying to the segmentation
Mario Felarca  
Rob Kooper
  • Present Openstack to executive committee
  • Enable ED in PEcAn BrownDog use case
  • Create BD slides about infrastructure
  • Create BD document about infrastructure
  • Successful presentation, openstack funded
  • Created initial slides BD deployment
  • Added ED to PEcAn
Jong Lee  
Rui Liu
  • BD: Prepare slides and demo for the elasticity part of the dry run; Dry run; As Rob requested, polish the adapated elasticity code and check it into a new BD repo "rabbitmq-monitor" to monitor RabbitMQ queues and write into Mongo.
  • Earthcube: continue working on semantic tagging service.
  • BD: Prepared slides; did dry run; adapted and checked in "rabbitmq-monitor". Commented on MMDB-1815. Finished Q1 report. Gave elasticity demo to the group in Friday meeting. Later recorded demos for the review. Updated slides.
  • Earthcube: At Mostafa's request, wrote a wiki page to document scripts, and steps to import SKOS properties into Semantic Media Wiki; prepared screenshots for adding and searching user metadata in Clowder for Mostafa to use.
Luigi Marini  
Kenton McHenry
  • BD Review slides
  • Try all BD demos
  • BD Demo videos
  • BD Demo videos
  • BD Review slides nearly completed
Christopher Navarro

Continue work on editing DataWolf tools in web editor

  • Help prepare material for NIST meeting April 9-10th
  • Continue working on Ergo issues
  • Attend NFI meeting, help Tingting with DataWolf questions
  • Continued work on Datawolf web editor
  • Helped prepare videos for NIST meeting, reviewed slides, attended remotely
  • Helped Tingting work through issues running the rapid workflow for her use case
  • Attended browndog dry run remotely
  • Out Friday
Michal Ondrejcek
  1. Get correct NEXRAD values, understand wct tool and gdal-Python code MWRD-150.
  2. Continue with the Management Tool, MWRD-114, MWRD-116
  3. css workflow pane, Lisa's design
  1. DONE, the key parameter is the GeoTiff pixel resolution
  2. Add workflows and test them
  3. work in progress
Smruti Padhy
  • BD CZO Use case demo
  • Fix Shape extractor and Geo-extractor
  • BD report sections
  • Created the workflow for CZO use case demo
  • fixed shape and geotiff extractor (from 10 minutes processing time to less than 5 s)
  • Completed the BD report sections
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • Continue with development tasks in MMDB-1771
  • Work on VAT
    • Make sure that VAT machine runs the latest version of Medici and is stable
    • Followup with maintenance tasks in Gordon
    • Other pending VAT tasks
  • Development tasks on MMDB-1771 nearing completion.
    • Designed and implemented a data reduction algorithm
    • Fixed UI bugs
    • Tested the person tracking visualization with different sample data
    • Identified and fixed an issue with long running extractors losing connection with RabbitMQ
Eugene Roeder
  • Test out JSON-LD API test suite
  • Test out Spaces API test suite
  • Complete 18-Month Testing Report Section for Brown Dog
  • Start working on Files HTML controller test suite
  • Check in Test Coverage file csv
  • JSON-LD API test suite tested and checked in (BD-532)
  • Spaces API test suite tested and checked in (BD-536)
  • Completed 18-Month review section
  • Checked in Test coverage csv file (BD-593).
Inna Zharnitsky
  • Finish dts extension popup persistent UI
  • Pick up work on Census Extractor
  • DTS extension popup - DONE
  • Brown Dog report - DONE

Marcus Slavenas
  • Get pond detector working
  • Brown Dog Green Infrastructure quarterly report
  • Pond Detector Working
    • not working for google static maps images
    • use great lakes as example
  • Wrote GI portions of quarterly report
  • implement speech2text on extractor-0017
Jason Votava
  • Prepare change control notes for Jong
  • Booklet report for BD
  • Dry run for BD
  • Interview candidate Monday
  • Updated to NIST-CORE kickoff meeting presentation
  • Created NIST-CORE Glossary and other misc elements for wiki
  • Dry run complete
  • Finishing quarterly report and presentation booklet for BD today.
  • Attended NIST kickoff meeting (virtually)
  • Met with Patrick Brady from UWM and others to discuss potential collab