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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo  
Dave Mattson
  • Followup from review - update slides, PDFs, help with questions, etc.
  • Reschedule next MWRD meeting
Edgar F. Black  
Liana Diesendruck  
Mario Felarca  
Rob Kooper
  • SEAD
    • modify import script for spaces
  • PEcAn
    • look at next release
    • cache data in BrownDog
  • Misc
    • migrate DES to Opensource
    • Pull requests Clowder
  • SEAD
    • assist new people getting up and running
  • Misc
    • worked out some details about DES migration
    • worked on CS492 pull requests


Jong Lee  
Rui Liu
  • BD: test new cloud in ISL, investigate using volume in OpenStack as Rob requested, other improvements.
  • Earthcube: continue working on annotation service.
  • BD:
    • done investigation of volume use in OpenStack, notified Rob and others,
    • uploaded the OpenCV image into ISL's new acx cloud (Thanks to Lin CHENG who helped resolve an issue in uploading),
    • started working on VM suspend/resume improvement.
  • Earthcube:
    • switched MediaWiki from using Apache to nginx as Rob requested, and configured Fuseki and GSIS under reverse proxy using nginx;
    • figured out why Fuseki upstart log file did not appear, solved it using a log4j property file that writes to stdout;
    • integrated Mostafa's datanetwork Python scripts into the service code, i.e., into the Play Framework.
Luigi Marini
  • On vacation starting Wednesday
  • SEAD sprint setup
  • Travel arrangements for May meetings
  • Pull requests
Kenton McHenry
  • BD Review Questions
  • BD tasks for next milestone
  • BD Review Questions
  • Miscellaneous tasks that have accumulated over the past 4 months.
Christopher Navarro  
Michal Ondrejcek
  1. Change and improve rest end point for the daily temperature, 5 min interval is an overkill for daily value only. MWRD-145
  2. Process new dataset from MWRD - Reversals to Lake Michigan MWRD-149
  3. Continue with the Management Tool, MWRD-114MWRD-116 and continue improving css workflow pane, green design

  1. DONE
  2. DONE, pdf file processed manually, inserted in the db
  3. Continue development, workflows execute but show ABORT from time to time
Smruti Padhy
  • Add ability to do text search on specific/multiple fields
  • fixed bug related to elasticsearch plugin restart
  • Done and created a pull request
  • Done and created a pull request
  • Monday afternoon-Tuesday off
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • Work on the requirements for cleaning up person tracking data with user intervention
  • Test person tracking previewer
  • VAT tasks - work on bugs identified by Virginia and team
  • Developed a quick prototype to identify the issues with cleaning up person tracking data with the help of user
  • Worked on the requirements
  • Tested person tracking previewer. Identified couple of bugs. Fixed one and working on the other
Eugene Roeder  
Inna Zharnitsky
  • Try to finish Census Extractor while Liana is still here
  • If time left - continue on dts chrome extension from last week
  • Census Extractor is running and producing meaningful results.
Marcus Slavenas
  • Ramp up for start of new phases for BrownDog and Great Lakes to Gulf
  • Discussion with Liana about knowledge transfer
  • Work on mri2mesh extractor - meet with Prof. Ostoja-Starzewski
  • Begin researching handwritten text extraction
    • try using existing which is not working - no real success
    • search for other software packages - nothing great found yet
  • Learn a small bit of backbone.js from Brock
  • 1 vacation day
Indira Gutierrez Polo
  • Setup SEAD environment
  • Familiarize with the code base for Medici
  • Setup SEAD environment
  • Familiarize with the code base for Medici
Jason Votava
  • Catch up on email/meeting notes/backlog from last week
  • Assist on Indira's onboarding
  • Reschedule postponed 1-1s from last week.
  • Review NIST-CORE task 2.1 and 1.4 updates
  • Assist answering Brown Dog 18mo review questions
  • BrownDog materials updated/printed/shipped
  • 1-1s handled
  • reviewed staffing needs/allocations