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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo
  • Attending the IMLCZO conference Mon-Wed. In and out of the office as I travel to field stations.
  • Presenting the geodashboard on Tuesday night at Beckman.
  • Would like to meet with Anthony about ODM2 while he is here.
  • After conference, continue work on script ingestion parser.
  • Visited sites in the field on Monday.
  • Spent a lot of time with Anthony discussing plans to integrate Clowder with form inputs.
  • Worked with Marcus and Smruti on setting up extractors and discussed with Luigi how we might implement this for each of our Geodashboard projects moving forward.
Dave Mattson
  • Cleanup
  • BD student meeting
  • Evals
  • BD student meeting
  • Evals
  • Start cleanup, handoff
Edgar F. Black
  • Finish the MSC annual report.
  • Re-start working exploring the data from the Chicago team.
  • MSC annual report finished and submitted to Kenton for review.
    • The report was edited by Jason before submission.
  • Data from the MSC Chicago team is still being reviewed
Mario Felarca
  • Finish up first pass of users in spaces
    • Ability to add users with a role
    • Ability to edit users' roles
    • Ability to remove users
  • Integrate with a multiselect plugin to allow for simpler addition and conform to some of the mockups associated with the task
  • Update wiki to include the basic information about spaces
  • Functionality for all items is in place from the service side of things
  • Integration with Chosen plugin for UI for the user selection
  • All functionality is exposed for users, however certain elements remain outstanding pending discussion and further refinement.
  • Wiki updated with space information
Rob Kooper
  • SEAD
    • Pull in fixes to issues when deployed on sead.ncsa
    • Deploy on all other SEAD machines
  • PEcAn
    • Data license
    • Create new VM
  • Clowder
    • CS492 pull requests (final week)
  • SEAD
    • Deploy latest version on all SEAD machines
    • Import separate instances into single clowder instance as separate spaces.
  • PEcAn
    • Deploy BETY on BU machine, incl. migration of database (latest version does not work)
    • Create VM with latest code base for PEcAn (1.4.3rc1)
  • Clowder
    • Merged most of the CS492 pull requests
    • Fixed issue with files stored in Mongo
  • Open Source
    • DESDM totally switched to confluence
Jong Lee  
Rui Liu
  • BD: update BD-435 pull request according to Rob's comments; elasticity improvements if time allows;
  • Earthcube: continue working on the annotation service – annotate with CSDMS standard names.
  • BD: finished updating BD-435 pull request files, waiting for Rob to review again. Elasticity: looked into using Amazon AWS, discussed with Kenton and Rob; looked into SC15 poster preparation.
  • Earthcube: Cleaned up and created a pull request for all existing features, Luigi approved and merged them. Integrated CSDMS standard name annotation working into user metadata in Clowder, together with GSIS providing the standard names – new code in both Clowder and GSIS, haven't checked in yet.
  • BW: helped user on a TAU ticket BWAPPS-1032.
Luigi Marini
  • IML-CZO site visit
  • T2C2 Demo
  • Clowder documentation
  • SEAD permission sprint
  • Prepare SEAD presentation and demo for next week
  • (green star) IML-CZO site visit
  • (green star) T2C2 Demo
  • (red star) Clowder documentation
  • (star) SEAD permission sprint
  • (star) Prepare SEAD presentation and demo for next week
Kenton McHenry
  • BigData proposal
  • Followup on MSC paper, SC paper, BigData paper
  • BD task assignments
  • BD Task assignments
  • Various publication efforts
  • MSC report
  • BigData proposal
Christopher Navarro
  • NIST - Start testing Ergo and adding bugs to JIRA to define work for version 1.0 of NIST-CORE
  • CyberSEES
    • Meeting, help Indira with DataWolf and flowtable editor
  • BD - Continue working on edit tool capability for DataWolf
  • Laptop specs
  • NIST - discussed license scenarios with Jong
  • CyberSEES - attended meeting, worked with Indira to get rhessys workflow running
  • BD - worked on edit tool capability, found bug with ORM and associating file blobs with multiple tools. I've created a unit test for this and will debug the issue next week.
  • MSR - attended NFIE meeting
  • Took half of a personal day on Wednesday

Michal Ondrejcek
  1. Continue with the Management Tool, MWRD-114MWRD-116 and continue improving css workflow pane, green design
  2. Continue improving data ingestion workflows
  3. Prepare presentations, slides and use cases (storms)
  1. Implemented select pull down menus in Data Upload for Data Source and Data type and Browse, Upload and other buttons
  2. Added backflow data workflow to the dev (not the green/production one) workflow page
  3. Friday presentation, no use cases
Smruti Padhy
  • Explore VM elasticity model
  • Work on BD paper and poster
  • Read some papers on Autoscaling with budget contraints
  • Discussed with Kenton about the paper and poster.
  • Started working on eScience poster
  • BD Demo and meeting with students
  • Helped Brock with Extractors Setup
  • Meeting with Jong, Deb and Wei Quan with regard to BD usecase tool

Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • Test the new changes to person tracking extractor and previewer (MMDB-1828 / MMDB-1825) and issue pull requests
  • Continue with development on person tracking sections / bounding boxes
  • Make gateway instance and Gordon stable for an upcoming demo (end of May)
  • Other VAT tasks.
  • Tested the new changes and issued pull requests for MMDB-1828 and MMDB-1825. The changes have been merged.
  • Created a prototype using JSFiddle to display bounding boxes on video. Started integrating it into Clowder file page.
  • Updated Clowder running in Gordon and VAT gateway machines.
  • Tested the extractors running in Gordon.
Eugene Roeder  
Inna Zharnitsky
  • file convert and download - add and test authentication for Polyglot
  • dts chrome extension - add and test authentication for Polyglot
  • Medici file convert and download (download As) - done coding, created pull request.
  • dts chrome extension - done testing.
Marcus Slavenas
  • Research Handwriting extraction
  • Prepare to refactor great lakes to gulf parsers
  • Handwriting Extraction
    • looked at convnet c++ package - will hold off trying to use for now
    • run ocropy python ocr - works well on text, but not great on hand writing
    • start learning to use theano from - probably best option known by me at present
  • GLTG
    • buffing up python oop skills for refactoring of parsers
    • started working on front-end tasks
  • Student use case meeting
    • presented GI use case
    • started planning summer schedule with students
Indira Gutierrez Polo
  • SEAD
    • Update the form for new/Edit Spaces.
    • Move advanced configuration in spaces to the new/edit spaces form.
  • CyberSees
    • Setup RHESSys Workflow
  • SEAD
    • Update the form for new/Edit Spaces.
    • Move advanced configuration in spaces to the new/edit spaces form.
  • CyberSees
    • Setup RHESSys Workflow
Jason Votava
  • NIST onsite meeting
  • ISDA photo session
  • Meet with Kenton to set next 8 weeks of BrownDog
  • Monthly PM meeting
  • CAP monthly meeting
  • 2014 employee evaluations with Dave
  • Review report for Edgar
  • Lots of NIST prep work/meetings/discussions
  • ISDA pictures this afternoon
  • BD use case presentations were productive and informative
  • Another draft of slide for NCSA PM presentation for Learning Days
  • Up to speed on employee evaluation process
  • Made content and layout edits for Edgar's report
Winston Jansz
  • Work on SEAD-Medici tickets.
  • Closed MMDB-1780 (entering a duplicate tag results in a popup); wasn't reproducible. 
  • Instead, created MMDB-1836 (entering a duplicate tag results in the label showing twice, prior to a refresh).–Resolved, with minor JavaScript changes in 2 files.
  • Further familiarizing myself with SEAD in preparation for SEAD mtg in Indiana next week.