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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo
  • Continue work on an extractor concept for Geodashboard-based instances of Clowder.
  • Hope to have made progress on a proof of concept for an extractor that keeps in mind the following components:
    • Rui's scalability design
    • The possibility that "spaces" might control which extractors run for a space or user
    • Web socket support - looking at Sandeep's implementation in Play and comparing to what I've done with Node.js

Setup an extractor manager that connects to RabbitMQ and monitors all uploads.

Dave Mattson
  • Cleanup, handoff
Edgar F. Black  
Mario Felarca  
Rob Kooper
  • SEAD
    • All hands meeting Mon, Tue
  • PEcAn
    • Release 1.4.2 VM
  • Vacation
    • Thursday, maybe Wednesday
  • SEAD
    • All hand meeting
  • PEcAn
    • Released 1.4.2 VM
  • ISDA
    • Party
  • Clowder
    • Create JIRA, Confluence and Stash (key == CATS)
    • Cleanup cs492 branch
Jong Lee  

Rui Liu
  • BD: AWS grant application usage estimate, elasticity SC15 poster draft before Memorial day and the following Earthcube All-Hands meeting trip;
  • Earthcube: continue working on semantic annotation and prep work for the demo.
  • BD: done AWS grant appl usage estimate (twice); about 1/4 - 1/3 of the SC15 poster (did layout, some content, read a paper Smruti suggested). Found and filed a bug MMDB-1861 (JavaScript generated URLs missed the URL prefix), later found to be a duplicate of MMDB-1772.
  • Earthcube:
    • Added the feature to integrate jQuery UI autocomplete for CSDMS standard names from a remote data source on a remote machine (worked on localhost before, but not on remote). Checked in the needed code into both GSIS and Clowder.
    • Luigi, Mostafa and I solved a Media Wiki deletion bug on Postgres DB.
    • Solved an issue where removing fields from a template did not work.
Kenton McHenry
  • BigData proposal
  • Website updates
  • AWS proposal
  • Work on adding more detail to Polyglot logs
  • Papers/posters
  • Big Data proposal
  • Website updates
  • BD planning
  • Papers/posters
Luigi Marini
  • SEAD all hands meeting Mon, Tues
  • Earthcube: improvements to metadata widgets and testing of geosemantics service
  • Clowder documentation
  • SEAD: roles feature
  • Medici merges
  • (green star) SEAD all hands meeting Mon, Tues
  • (red star) Earthcube: improvements to metadata widgets and testing of geosemantics service
  • (red star) Clowder documentation
  • (green star) SEAD: roles feature
  • (star) Medici merges
Christopher Navarro
  • Browndog
    • Finish DataWolf tool editor
  • CyberSEES
    • Architecture discussion, help Indira use rhessys-js to execute workflow
  • NIST
    • Review USGS hazard curve data (ERGO-74) and tornado hazard
    • Test Ergo and add JIRA tickets with time estimates
  • MSR
    • NFIE meeting
  • Vacation day Friday afternoon
  • Nearly finished with DataWolf tool editor, cleaning up the javascript before creating the pull request.
  • Helped Indira with rhessys-js and executing a datawolf workflow
  • Reviewed USGS hazard curve data and tornado hazard, discussed with John et al. Attended NIST project meeting to discuss task 1.4.
Michal Ondrejcek
  1. Continue with the Management Tool, MWRD-114MWRD-116 and continue improving css workflow pane, green design
  2. Prepare MWRD presentations for Tuesday, slides and use cases (storms)
  3. Check and/or refactor Geoserver queries and OpenLayer calls.
  1. The 'Green' design is done, the functionality not
  2. DONE
  3. Optimizing (playing with) the queries and OpenLayers
Smruti Padhy
  • eScience Poster
  • IEEE BigData paper
  • Use Case (If we receive the program)
  • bd.R Library
  • eScience Poster
  • Received the program for use case.
  • Discussion with Brock for his extractor manager prototype
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • Work on displaying person tracking bounding boxes on video
  • Make sure extractors are working properly on VAT gateway machine
  • Start work on updating person tracks using visualization
  • Fix issue of person tracking previewer not getting displayed in Groupscope server machine
  • Worked on fixing the issue of person tracking previewer not getting displayed in Groupscope server - not complete
  • Person bounding boxes have started showing up on the branch
    • Need to scale based on preview video size
    • Need to apply unique colors based on graph
Eugene Roeder  
Inna Zharnitsky
  • continue working on dts chrome extension
  • Census Extractor - commit and create pull request
  • Went through several rounds of changes for downloadAs button pull request.
  • Decided to cancel this pull request and re-open after making changes (use existing apache libs instead of kgm/Utilites for making a post request to Polyglot).
Marcus Slavenas
  • GLTG: front-end tasks/learning backbonejs
  • GLTG: Run 2015 GREON data to gltg-dev
  • BrownDog: handwriting extractor
  • GLTG
    • Cron job to copy GREON data from gltg to gltg-dev and organize directory structure by site, data type, and date (python)
    • Parse GREON data with cron on gltg-dev (works)
      • fix bug for NaN's is greon data, get geolocations for sensors GREON-1,2,4,6,7, rename locations
    • Parse USGS data with cron on gltg-dev
      • failing due to excessive memory use
      • bug - producing duplicate datapoints on rerun
    • Backbonejs - working some examples in Backbone.js Blueprints By: Andrew Burgess
Indira Gutierrez Polo
  • SEAD
    • All-hands Monday and Tuesday
  • CyberSees
    • Keep working on Rhessys workflow.
  • SEAD
    • All-hands Monday and Tuesday
    • Started working on adding permissions to roles.
  • CyberSees
    • Update rhessys-js, to be able to upload the files and submit the job to Datawolf.
Jason Votava
  • NIST project plan for task 2.1
  • Brown dog meeting with Leads
  • MWRD demo
  • NIST conference call
  • Pick Dave's brain for any last info
  • Transferred existing task plans for all NIST work into wiki form
  • Additional wiki updates/user support
  • Confirming last tasks for next 8 weeks of Brown Dog
  • NIST conference calls were both successful!
  • Good-bye Dave (sad)
Winston Jansz
  • SEAD All-Hands at IU (Mon & Tue).
  • Tasks involving Clowder (Medici 2) for new SEAD Sprint after IU mtg.
  • SEAD All-Hands at IU, earlier this week, was very beneficial for me.
  • Created and started working on MMDB-1852 (to filter Datasets by Space); but I was essentially further familiarizing myself with the code... (for the remaining half-day).
  • \[Apologies for the incremental updates (sad)] At Wednesday's weekly SEAD mtg, MMDB-1852 was transferred to Rob. I was assigned a simpler task: MMDB-1859 (show only 10 Collections/Datasets on Space page) was created.