NCSA OpenSource (

Atlassian suite hosted at NCSA for open source software applications & tools.

  • Confluence wiki
  • JIRA for issue tracking
  • Stash for GIT repositories
  • Bamboo for automatic builds
  • Low barrier for entry with easy signup process (necessary for collaborations)

Currently hosting software for a number of NCSA efforts such as DES, Datanet SEAD, DIBBS Brown Dog, XSEDE ECSS efforts among others as well as external efforts on DFDL, Kurator, and Euler.

Costing Model:

Provided by ISDA towards current and future collaboration opportunities.

ISDA Virtual Machine Hosting

VMWare and/or XenServer hosted virtual machines (Windows or Linux).  ISDA currently hosts over 100 virtual machines spanning a variety of projects such as DataNet SEAD, EPA SeaGrant, DIBBs Brown Dog, XSEDE ECSS efforts, as well as others.  Support is next business day and not 24/7.

Costing Model:

Larger needs must be budgeted in project proposals.  Small needs are provided by ISDA towards current and future collaboration opportunities.

Software Development

Custom software development of applications, tools, frameworks leveraging many existing tools and frameworks as well as staff experience on related projects.

Costing Model:

Written into project proposals.

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