Product versionkurator-akka v0.1
Release Date11/09/2014
DescriptionFirst release of kurator-akka package with basic capabilities for declaring and running data curation workflows in Java and in YAML.
New features
  • Builder classes for configuring and instantiating actors and workflows in Java.
  • YAML declarations of actors and workflows.
  • Command-line interface for running YAML-defined workflows and specifying workflow parameters.
  • Messages for initializing actors and for starting the actors after they are all fully initialized.
  • Standardized approach for terminating actors and workflows using end-of-stream messages.
  • Actors and workflow declaration of the hamming dataflow program.
  • Actors for reading and writing CSV-formatted files of specimen records.
  • Adaptations of the FP-Akka ScientificNameValidator and InternalDateValidator actors.
  • Sample workflows using the ScientificNameValidator and InternalDateValidator actors.
Source code
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