What did we do well?

    • Getting stuff done
    • Working together as a team
    • Less tension
    • More effective
    • Listening, hearing, and offering help
    • Implementing notion of weekly or bi-weekly builds (a release process)
    • Jack integration

What should we have done better?

    • Use "best effort" - commit to best effort for an exploratory/open ended task. Stop after the committed time and then re-evaluate. Much bigger than I thought, this is what I learned - table for later or readjust committed items if still a priority
    • Stuff gets pulled in - as a team review what gets pulled in and agree on priority (this will take place on an as needed basis)
    • Put more effort into design -more effort on thinking through things



  • Continue to use Jack for the stand-ups
  • Have a "Lessons Learned" after NDSC6