Adherence to the NDS Vision

  • We draw meaning from our work, especially knowing our efforts contribute to the longevity, reproducibility and discoverability of research (data) as well as enabling interdisciplinary research.
  • We view NDS as a platform for research as well as a framework for furthering advances in data science and engineering.
  • We value all partnerships from the multi-petabyte work of prominent researchers to the CSV files of small labs.  We are open to serving research data from multiple sectors, including industry, government and non-profits.
  • We believe in the value of continual stakeholder alignment with our collaborators, customers, and partner institutions.  Our community’s priorities are our priorities.
  • We believe in creating a sustainable data service for the nation.

Team NDS

  • We take pride in being part of a team, setting aside superstar egos (even if deserved) for the sake of what we can achieve together. 
  • We want our work to persist and purposefully create systems, methods and software not dependent on one individual.  We cross train, document, we log issues, we commit and are accountable for what we say we’ll do.
  • We are doers, but also recognize the necessity and benefits that come from planning and application of sound project methodologies and code frameworks.
  • We believe that all staff are worthy of respect and have a contribution to make regardless of rank, tenure or credentials.
  • We offer our respectful opinions, strive to be open to other viewpoints and practice active listening.  We make decisions as a team whenever feasible, recognizing that not every decision can be one of consensus. 
  • We want our workplace to be harmonious, devoid of unnecessary stress, where the loudest noise is laughter.
  • We value creativity and the flexibility to introduce novel projects, concepts, and approaches.
  • We value inclusiveness and diversity both within our team, but also in supporting our constituents by adhering to standards and applying novel outreach approaches.
  • We strive to foster a family environment, where we may not always agree, but we look out for and defend one other.


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