The Data Stream API provides another interface to Tupelo to obtain streaming data from various sources like rss, sftp, telnet, etc.   These data fetchers are used to automatically pull data on some interval which is defined by a cron job, action or on-demand through a client interface.  This section documents the Tupelo Streaming Data API v2.0 (DSAPI2) as well as providing information about how it is being used by an effort to define a Virtual Environmental Observatory (VEO).  

The University of IllinoisInstitute for Advanced Computing Applications and Technologies (IACAT)enables a number of projects that focus on expanding state-of-the-art compute capabilities into different academic disciplines.  The Environmental team is building an end-to-end system, a VEO, that automatically acquires data, runs models the provides an intuitive interface to the data, model results and other derived data products. The general architecture for this environment includes:  


The current Data Stream Docs....

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