• Prof. Barbara Minsker

  • Prof. Mei-po Kwan
  • Prof. William Sullivan
  • John Watson, MWRD
  • Meg Kelly, Space to grow project manager
  • Jaime Zaplatosch, Openlands

Meeting notes and issues

  • ‘Space to grow’ project
    • 2015 construction plan: June 23, 2015 ~ Oct, 2015 for six schools
    • 2015 planning: Working with five different stakeholder groups for each school(administrators, teachers & staff, students, parents and community members)
    • Next six schools for 2016 will be selected on May this year.
    • 2016~2019 construction: Six schools a year (total 34 schools with green infrastructure at the end of 2019)
    • Current evaluation plan for 2014 schools: Impact to students and community on physical activity and different changes (attention and behavior) to the culture inside school. Also, stormwater monitoring.
    • Pre- and post-data collection from two schools among 2014 schools - 16 out of three class rooms at Morrill and 35 at Grissom for a week.
      • Accelerometer data before and after improving school yards
      • Oral and written self-report about students’ physical activity for matching accelerometer data
      • Community surveys about events in green infrastructure
  • Research design
    • Including impact to students in classroom when they watch green infrastructure outside
    • Taking into account possible components to play around (e.g., new playground, green infrastructure and garden)
    • Need to do preliminary study
    • Use of iPhone: Not allowed to bring iPhones by school policy.
    • Matching demographic, social economic status and school area for school selection