Meeting notes and issues

  • Research design
    • 2014 schools: Existing playground + green infrastructure next to the playground partitioned by fences (Not much difference on the playground after redesigning)
    • Schmid CPS: Community people visit the school
    • Research focus: Possible benefits observing students and community people conducting survey about the purpose of their visits, what they do in the playground and green infrastructure, who primarily visits the places and when they visit
    • Maybe, children can go to school early or go home late to hang out in green infrastructure, then we can see the significant difference in terms of physical activity level
    • Need to think about using different kind of measures (e.g., attention and physiological measures– heart rate, skin conductance and etc.)
    • Budget: Up to $30K
    • Joshua – using video camera, counting people in green infrastructure and what are they doing there
  • Preliminary investigation aiming at one school
    • To make sure whether students engage in more physical activity or not before actual research and what kind of activity they perform (e.g., social activity, physical activity or gardening).
    • Using video cameras for capturing actual physical activity and conducting surveys
    • Ask to Joshua about the cheap device including GPS and accelerometer (Arduino kit) and other viable options, and available students who can build the kit (Kangjae).
    • Set up a next meeting with Joshua (Kangjae)