• Prof. Joshua Peschel

Meeting notes and issues

  • Instrumentations for tracking movement of children in school
    • Arduino
      • Some students of Prof. Peschel can support to make the kits.
      • But Arduino is not recommended to use in the project because it is likely to be broken easily by students.
      • Also, it is as expensive as smart GPS watches, a bit heavy and has big size.
    • Lilypad or FLORA
      • Lilypad or FLORA can be stitched on to a wrist band, cloth or fabric.
      • It is cheap, small, light and easy to carry.
      • An accelerometer sensor and GPS receiver are separated.
      • It needs an additional battery.
      • Someone may need to collect data every day in school.
    • RFID system
      • Once RFID transmitters are installed around green infrastructure, the movement of students who have RFID tags can be tracked.
      • RFID tags are really cheap, small and easy to carry.
      • The accuracy of locations is dependent on how many RFID transmitters are installed.
      • The price of RFID transmitters will probably be expensive.
      • Additional accelerometer sensors will be needed.