• Josh reviewed GI stormwater assessment project at 6 schools.
    • He is finalizing a proposal to MWRD to fund the stormwater sensing & monitoring work.
    • MWRD chose the 6 schools, most of which are in underserved areas.
    • Data can be in any format, planning to use WaterML. Need dialogue with Jong about how to connect with NCSA technologies being used in other projects.
    • Data and information can be used to inform public policy
  • Kangjae reviewed plans for GI health assessment at schools
    • GPS and accelerometer sensors - Flora
      • Needs to have tough form factor
      • Could sew into a bean bag format and put in a pocket. Have 2 hour battery life.
    • Use RFID telemetry to track where students are. Use video camera to track where they are and what they're doing. Put in lanyard with school ID. Drop $5K or so.
    • Green infrastructure space - all activities, both kids and community members
  • Morteza discussed flood impact models.