• Python
  • Clowder Geostreams
  • Create python script that reads the data for idph csv files and posts it to the geostreaming API
    • The geostream data was originally used for geodashboard, but later the geostreaming data was also used by the web application.
  • Parser for both preprocessed files (by Bill) and later for unprocessed files.
Geospatial Web Application
  • Flask
  • Openlayers
  • Plot.ly
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • Show MIR data in geospatial app
    • select features in map by region or trap
      • popup shows overview
        • 'show data' opens graph of data
    • run model through interface
      • run fortran model
      • run python model (converted and generalized from fortran model)
  • Get region geojson for regions, edit for use in application
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • nginx
  • Install application on State Water Survey VM

Run model (Fortran)
  • Fortran
  • Called by Python
  • Run model by copying input files from idea.sws.uiuc.edu (where fortran model is running)

Run model (Python)
  • Python
  • Emulate Fortran model
    • Parses weather data in a general way so it can run without inputs of epi weeks, uses only one weather data file

Get weather data endpoint
  • Python

Get forecast data
  • Python

Get cdc week and year by date
  • Node.js
  • Called by python

Get daylight hours
  • Python

Run biggerstaff model
  • R
  • Run R library to get MIR
  • Not needed, the actual calculation is simple

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