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get forecaste/home/nan/WNV_WX/Not_smooth/run.get_forecast

Daily gets forecast data and saves to data for fortran directory.

Add files kept, but is every day is needed? Need to check code

pull data for today


rename IL_divisions_all.csvcp IL_divisions_all.csv ILCD_$yearmody


all forecaste data copied to run dir (data)

get weather/home/mtimlin/estSTCD/estCDwestnile/estCD.csh


4 (really only 3) curl calls and then parses into
takes a while

save in

/home/mtimlin/estSTCD/estCDwestnile/estCD.dir/[estCDn, estCDx, estCDt, estCDp]

parse1 creates files



run model/home/nan/WNV_WX/MIR_model/run.cmp_n_nweekruns model

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