Requirements Gathering (Questions posed to PIs)

  • Who is our primary user?
    • Researchers? Plant biologists? Farmers?
    • Is this user tech-savvy?
  • Which is the goal of the interface? What do we want the interface to enable the end-user to do?
    • Present details about all stages/models of plant simulation?
    • Guide the user through composition and parameter entry?
    • Enter a parameter set and display output visualization(s)?
    • Execute some composition of models?
  • Does the end software need to be an installable executable?
    • I had heard somewhere down the line that this was a hard requirement
    • Would Docker images be suitable as the downloadable executables/deliverables?
    • I would advise against forcing users to install anything, where possible / within reason
      • This may deter non-tech-savvy users from using the platform
      • Not to mention that code for specific platforms is difficult to keep tested and maintained

Implementation Details (Questions posed to Developers / Maintainers)

  • Strategy question: broad coverage or deep dives?
    • Do we focus on a single model and fully realize it before moving onto the next one?
    • How many models are ready for integration? How do we even define "ready"?
    • Or do we try to cover all models with basic functionality before fleshing each out further?
  • How will we serve the models / parameters to the frontend?
    • Meagan has already begun populating a database (MongoDB?) with known properties of each model

Live Prototype

Live Prototype:

UI Design Mockups

Model Composer

With JSON / YAML data displayed (this is very optional):

Model Parameter Entry

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