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See Developer support in NDS Labs


Available functions:

  • Manage Files
  • Manage Account
  • Manage Catalog
  • Manage Applications (Stacks)
    • Launch new application (i.e. MongoDB, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Clowder, iRODS, etc)
    • Start / Stop single application
    • Configure single application
    • Navigate to "Manage Applications" view
    • Navigate to "Manage Catalog" view
  • Manage Development Environments
    • Choose editor of choice (i.e. VS Code, Cloud9, Rstudio, Jupyter, etc)
    • Open development environment (i.e. navigate to editor of choice)
    • Configure single environment
    • Navigate to "Manage Environments" view

Dashboard w/ External File Manager (i.e. Cloud9)

Integrated File Manager (Optional)


Environments (DevEnvs)

Available functions:

  • Open an existing environment
  • View / Edit existing environments
  • Choose a pre-built environment
  • Create a custom environment
  • Mount user directories to environments

Open Environment Instance

Cloud9 IDE


VS Code






Other Options




Extinct (Dead Links)

Cloud-Only Models

View Environment Instances

Create new Environment Instance

Configure Environment Instance

Applications (Stacks)

Current Labs dashboard (more or less)

Available functions:

  • Search / browse spec catalog for launch candidates
  • Launch / configure new stack
  • View / edit config of existing stack
  • Open a console / logs for a running stack
  • Manage volumes (this goes away, dashboard now manages user's volume)
  • Delete stack / volume

View Applications

Stopped Applications

Running Applications

Launch Stopped Application (Start Stack)

Shutdown Running Application (Stop Stack)

Configure (New Application / Edit Stopped Application)


Available functions:

  • Browse specs in catalog
    • Select a spec to view verbose detail
    • Add / Import new specs
    • Edit / Share existing specs
    • Clone / Override existing specs

View Catalog Entries

Create / Edit Catalog Entries

Export Catalog Entry (Share)

Import Catalog Entry


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