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  • MailerPlugin (it was not clear if this plugin actually gets used to send email to me - Todd.)
  • PolyglotPlugin (pull request created, 27 Jan 20)
  • PostgresPlugin (removal added to remove geostreams pull request, 27 Jan 20)
  • RDFExporterPlugin 
  • RDFExportService (implements plugin)
    • Since the RDF endpoints have been removed, can the RDF plugins be removed as well? 
    • Pull request created for removing these plugins (note added - 1/15/2020)
  • SecureSocialTemplatesPlugin
  • SpaceCopyPlugin 
    • Todd - will replace with value in conf. This plugin is simply enabled or not. (Pull request created)
  • SpaceSharingPlugin
    • Todd - will replace with value in conf, again, either enabled or not. (Pull request created)
  • StagingAreaPlugin
    • This plugin worked pretty much the same as SpaceCopy and SpaceSharing, so I replaced it with a value in the application.conf in the same pull request as those 2 plugins. (Todd, 1/7/2020). 
  • TempFilesPlugin
  • ToolManagerPlugin
    • Removed by Todd (pull request now open)
  • VersusPlugin
    • Beginning this week (todd, 22 Jan 2020)