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Comment: Updated for sbt native packaging. Got rid of daffodil-pack.


Eventually I'd like to get rid of this, but it's really only used for testing right now.

After you run 'sbt stage', the script is generated is daffodil-core/target/start, so you can run things like this:

$ ./daffodil-core/target/start parse -s foo.xsd input.txt

If you want to use the daffodil script that's uses DAFFODIL_CLASSPATH or
JAVA_OPTS, you first run publish-local (you might need to remove
remove  ~/.ivy2/local first, i've seen weird issues where it seems to use a
cached version) then cd to the daffodil-pack directory and run run  'sbt
packuniversal:packageBin'. This will create the tar and zip files in
daffodil-packcli/target/scala-2.9.2/pack, universal which are what we distribute.,