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  1. Python is installed on your computer. This document is based on Python 2.7, but it will soon be updated for Python 3 as the former is nearing its end of life.
  2. Docker is installed on your computer. You can download and install Docker from
  3. You already have a piece of code written in Python that can process a file and generate metadata. Optionally, this can also be used if you have a command-line program written in another programming language, which can be invoked from Python.
  4. The extractor that you are trying to create will only generate metadata in JSON format and/or a file preview.
  5. Your code has been tested and does what it is supposed to do.


    "metadata": dict(),
    "previews": arraylist()


Your extractor will contain several files. The ones that will be used by the Simple Extractor Wrapper are listed below. The instructions below will help you to create these files: