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  • Moved sphinx documentation to readthedocs and changed deployment process
  • Other updates to 2.0 branch on GitHub
  • Focus on improving documentation updates
  • Try to keep 2.0 stable and work on broken stuff with tagged -alpha version as last compile-able version
  • 1.10.0 and 1.10.1 bugfix releases
New releases and move to Git-Hub tweeted
  • Transformation Catalog can use basic authorization with local Clowder users
  • Flask error handlers have been added.
    • Still adjusting how errors should be responded to.
    • Basic page can show error message with Transformation Catalog header.
    • May show home page, just listing error above the transformations.
Maxwell Burnette
  • Extraction groupings by job ID in GUI
  • Work on GitHub builds
  • Swagger version control

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