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IMPORTANT: We are using Eclipse Indigo IDE (version 3.7)

IMPORTANT: We are targeting Scala 2.10.x


Table of Contents


You will install three things: Scala IDE, XML Support and EGit.

Install Scala IDE

You need to install the Scala IDE version that matches the Scala version at Tested/Verified Tool Versions.

You obtain the Scala IDE from the Because we are currently targeting Scala 2.10.x you will want to paste the following URL into the "work with:" box on the "Installing New Software" dialog: you've pasted the URL in the 'Work with' box.  Hit ENTER and it will go and probe the site for software and populate with a listing as you'll find below. site. A URL is provided that is typed into the Eclipse software install dialog like this example:


Check the box next to 'Scala IDE for Eclipse' and click Next.  Follow the prompts to complete installation.


You will see a list of pre-defined choices.  One of them is "Indigo - ..." select itnamed after the Eclipse release e.g., Mars for the Mars eclipse release, Neon for the neon release.

In the search filter box below that, type "xml".