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The following versions have been tested and used together for the purpose of both using and developing for Daffodil. Note that for many of the tools, higher versions may work, but these are versions we have actively used and know will work for sure.

Java: 1.8

Git: 2.7.4

SBT: 0.13.8

Scala: 2.11.8

  • Note: Scala 2.12.X or beyond will not work. Scala major releases are not binary-compatible (yet).


Note: some versions of Eclipse work well, others,.... not so much.  Below is a table of known good/useful versions of Eclipse, the Scala IDE package, and SBT.

Please add to this table. Newer information at the top please.

DateEclipse VersionScala IDE VersionComments

Known good: Scala IDE build of Eclipse SDK

Build id: 4.5.0-vfinal-2016-12-13T10:59:29Z-Typesafe

Known good: 4.5.0.v-2_11-201612131030-02830a6You can obtain an 'optimized' version of Eclipse created by Typesafe for Scala IDE from: - Taylor Wise

Known good: Neon (4.6) Build id: Z20160511-1546

Known good: 4.4.1.v-2_11-201605041057-92a3ed3

Use the Eclipse update site and let eclipse pull it down.

I found with this version I had to use the Eclipse update site to pull down/install Eclipse Java Development Tools (3.12.0.v20160606-1100 in order to get the tests to run using JUNIT4. -Taylor Wise

Known good: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2) Build id: 20160218-0600

Known good: 4.4.0.v-2_11-201604010957-ff530d2

(However, best to just use the eclipse update site and let eclipse pull it down)

I am able to do development using this eclipse configuration without having it crash, or need restarting more than about once every few days. I do find I must clean and rebuild the entire project about once a day still, or it seems to get confused and puts up spurious compilation errors that are not reproduced after a clean and build-all. -Mike Beckerle

See Eclipse Failures Page for info about attempts to use specific versions of Eclipse that are still problematic.

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