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Users can switch between panes using Tmux commands.  The panes are as follows: Fence (top), Clowder (middle-left), example extractor (middle-right), Polyglot (middle-left), example convert (middle-right), and the BD CLI (bottom). Users can run BD-CLI commands to interact with Brown Dog Data Transformation Service (username: bd, password: browndog):

CTRL-b <arrow key> will navigate panes.  CTRL-b then typing :kill-session will exit the bd-base session.  Note, there is a .tmux.conf file included in bd-base.  If you paste this into your home directory before starting up a bd-base session you will be able to navigate panes via the mouse and end the session by typing CTRL-b then CTRL-c.


  1. First line is the shebang line
  2. Second line contains the name of the converter followed by the version if any
  3. Third line refers to the type of the data that it can convert
  4. Fourth line contains a comma-separated list of input file formats accepted by this converter
  5. Fifth line contains a comma-separated list of output file formats that this converter can generate
  6. This is followed by the actual code that does conversion.

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2. Edit the Dockerfile