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First download the clowder docker-compose file, This file should allow you to get a complete docker environment up and running, including some extractors (audio, video, image, pdf). You do not need to make any changes to the docker-compose file, if you want to secure the system more, you can disable the ports used for rabbitmq, mongo and elasticsearch. We have left them open for developers but they will be mapped to random ports (see docker tips). The only port that needs to be mapped is port 9000 of clowder, which in the docker-compose file is mapped to port 9000 in the docker machine.


A list of all values that can be changed can be found at at

Docker Tips

When starting clowder using docker-compose up, the containers will be named <folder name>_<service>_1, for example if you download the docker-compose file in your clowder folder, the clowder container will be called clowder_clowder_1.