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Discussion items

  • Pull request open for RDA ingest
  • PR for search bugfixes & improvements. Honor superAdmin, some prep code for making search public but needs more work. Have outstanding question about how to index metadata fields in elasticsearch - currently we include full path to /api/extractors but I propose trimming to name + version or some other solution.
  • Working on per-space storage reporting, we have to query datasets by space and iterate over their files at the moment.
  • nothing to report
  • configure the clowder to use Graylog on industry dev instance. (can see the empty log. tried the same query from graylog, also get the empty result. Have a scheduled meeting with Rob to sit together to look at graylog)
  • update geo metadata tiff extractor to use ubuntu 20.

Mike L.
  • PR for Extractor Catalog: Labels features
    • New admin-only view /extractors/labels in Clowder for listing labels
    • Create/edit/assign/delete labels to extractors
    • Filter by label in the Extractor Catalog view
    • Extractor Details now lists labels associated with each Extractor
    • Automatically import labels from extractor_info.json
    • Demonstration: Extractor Catalog
    • There is a ticket to add the labels to the extractors
    • Create an issue to add to FAQ's list of extractors
  • We talked about not needing a geoserver w/Max. We would like to do geo spatial searches within Clowder.  This should be easy using MongoDB and it would would nicely with Max's previewer
  • When something gets added to github, make it automatically added to the extractor
  • Brainstormed about how to automatically link extractor catalog to extractor comments page
Mike B.SandeepToddShannon
  • Abstracts and Titles for November 6th webinar ready to publish


  • =EarthCube:new crawls, incl big one, &Resource/tool registry, now
  • · w/addition of sitemap parsing &other needed parsing now
  • ·clowder was down so search API falls back to SPARQL then a/grep
  • ·some code generalization but more needed soon, before ec-utils
  • ·all in my github, incl colab NoteBooks stripped of urls
  • ·getting search skin from UX for api so can compare w/old api output
  • · geo-bounding box is 1 of most used filters, so need mongo geo indexing 
  • ·will use fall-over might get better response than any alone
  • ·prepped for clowder work, now that it's back up
  • OoO: next week, for vacation before it gets too cold
  • search skin for geoscience.  Lisa G has designed the UI. 
  • What types of tools are relevant to which types of data.  It will be in JsonLD
  • Interested in how Whole Tale would work with Clowder
  • Working on finalizing contributor guidelines and pull request template for Rokwire. Referenced Clowder pull request template, contributor guidelines and a few other open source projects' documents.
  • some work on 2.0 refactoring - fixing imports 

The webinar will be announced in the newsletter which is going out at the end of the month.

Shannon Bradley Spoke at Science Gateways 2020
Co-Led Tutorial on "How to Build and Engage with your Community"
SGCI Gateways Ambassadors

Office Powerpoint

Datarisk Group wants to have a place to store data forever, yet still play with it.  This would work well with Clowder and Brown Dog


  •  Action: 
  •  Sara Lambert create an issue for List of Extractors in FAQ's