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Discussion items:

Next Webinar January 2021?

Upcoming Venues for Clowder/


Merging and reviewing core for new release.  Google maps is not being picked up in amplitude API key.  The google analytics code is set just once.

In SIMPL, I am no longer getting errors. 

Discussion about amplitude and google analytics and whether to add this or keep things fairly generic

Metadata tab select #126 is ready to be reviewed. Mike B was given permission here

Will be putting together a step by step manual to use Clowder

PR's open
Wants to run a report for Jerry for extractors. We can use my branch to run this report.  Get Garbanzo dump done next week. 
Replacing Secure Social with Silhouette.
Have 2.0 in a compilable set by the end of 2020.
Mike L.
ToddWants to look over docs for geoserver.  Put "Deploying Geoserver" in the Clowder space so it's easily viewable rather than in personal space.
Michael JFixing code in MongoDB.

Collecting statistics.  Making a wiki page and google doc for new changes (proposals for new features section)  This can be done by the end of the month

Mike B.


·Have basic elt,need to aggregate&get others for

· filters components along so coordinating to fill

· tool data in triplestore will help w/2filters

·got neon api crawl in, till we hear abt more

·split PR tab still ready,hash-url w/geoserver

  • pushed a bunch of images to
  • There is a release scheduled for December 3rd and another at the end of January.
  • Docker hub has restrictions on how much you can upload within a six hour period anonymously. Started pushing all the images to github. It grabs the list of contributors.  Under packages you can see the number of issues.  We can point people here for clowder extractors
  • 1.12.2 has been released (patch release)
  • If we add proxies to the geoserver from clowder, it will be protected. I'd like to put it in the clowder docker container
MarkNothing to add (vacation)
ShannonNothing to add

Advertised Slack office hours - Send out calendar invite to remind CSSI of Clowder office hours.

Removed Zoom link and will add new zoom with waiting room for next Clowder All Paws Webinar.

Action Items/To Dos: