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  • Clowder can write messages directly to RabbitMQ
  • Lightweight Flask API we run in a python container that also connects to RabbitMQ
    • Other code can post datapoints to this API, that get forwarded to RabbitMQ

Flask API design notes - ideally these endpoints also match the calls on the new backend SinkService:

  • Seems lightweight enough for possibly a single generic endpoint to enqueue an item
    • Can expand to an endpoint-per-event-type as API evolves or as needs grow
    • Use Swagger from the start, as best practice... should make it easier to alter/scale/sync API server/clients when necessary
  • Requires authentication via API key or some other mechanism to prevent spam or potentially malicious fake messages
    • Cannot fetch / auth using Clowder (since this is for handling the case when Clowder is down)