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  • Helping Zheng from SMU with docker setup. Suggest he do a tutorial on dockers before diving into Clowder
  • Did some more research around fast api, will try to implement this afternoon
  • Plan on doing PR's this afternoon.
  • Working on a parsl extractor for PDG
  • CSSI - wrote report with input from Todd, Max and Chen.  Katie thanks all who participated.  Kenton will do a final review
  • Creating Parsl extractor, which can be launched on different backends.
Mike L.

no updates.

Plan to do PR's this afteroon.


Found that the dataset extractors do not work on empty datasets. I found a quick fix that is good for the extractor I want to use, but could use some input.

Also, for large datasets is there a way to avoid downloading all the files unless we need to? And to download files only as needed?   Doing a work around.  It submits to bridges using SSH.  Files should be stored on bridges. Technical discussion followed about using bridges, extractors, etc, but not all users have this access.  Clowder throws an error if there are files with zero files inside.  Todd will look at this. Pyclowder may be working correctly.

Todd Nicholson created an issue for this.


Mike B.

Re:data preview in NoteBooks: new rdf viz() gist from colab; binder now also ~connected

Michael J

working on a stress test code for Clowder instances for Syngenta using Locust.  Hopeful that this will be more broadly in Clowder instances.


using react json schema form to create form widget to create dataset and upload files. Still WIP...  Plan is to use a universal widget.  Have to create dataset and metadata.  Will have something to show next week.

Chen Wang Please get Luigi the Auth key


DataCite signed agreement received.  Expect PO any day