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'sbt stage' will create a script that you can execute.

Note that this isn't our normal script distributed with the tar/zip (it's
generated using an sbt plugin) so it doesn't use DAFFODIL_CLASSPATH or
JAVA_OPTS or anything to configure it.

Eventually I'd like to get rid of this, but it's really only used for testing right now.
After you run 'sbt stage', the script is generated is daffodil-core/target/start, so you can run things like this:
$ ./daffodil-core/target/start parse -s foo.xsd input.txt
If you want to use the daffodil script that's uses DAFFODIL_CLASSPATH or JAVA_OPTS, you first run publish-local (you might need to remove  ~/.ivy2/local first, i've seen weird issues where it seems to use a cached version) then run  'sbt universal:packageBin'. This will create the tar and zip files in daffodil-cli/target/universal which are what we distribute.,Page removed (obsolete). See