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Pull requests for extractors-geo - can someone check this? It's causing errors for some projects.

Pull request for 2.0 - upload multiple files.

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Mike B.

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RobBug (question) in clowder where if you double click the create button it makes a two datasets (and maybe others)
  •  PDG colab: They need data pipelines for ML & ML training pipelines (see post-meeting email for details). My concern: Codeflare satisfies only a small part of their needs, they primarily need data ops (like Airflow and Spotify's Luigi). Ray Workflows resolve this conflict.
  •  PDG colab: Recieved data (Commerical via XSEDE, public via Ingmar's Github). 
  •  IN-CORE colab: Recieved labeled data and a plan for creating new data.
  •  Resolve Ray asyncio threading conflict.
  •  PDG: Investigating PDG's current data ingest pipeline to recreate in Ray Workflows. Next deliverable is simple data-loading & pre-processing example.
  •  IN-CORE: Build prototype Ray workflow for satelite image pre-processing.
  •  Add Apple Silicon M1 support for Clowder and Clowder-monitor Docker images via Github Actions flag.
    Image Added
  • ACSW poster abstract submitted
  • create milestone alpha 2.0 and clean up / create some of the tasks
  • will start to work on error message modal this afternoon